Guided by the knowledge established by the areas corresponding to psychology and psychopedagogy, we know how important the first 7 or 8 years of children are, not only on an emotional and psychological level but also on an educational level.
That is why parents should focus on getting educational methodologies that solve one of the current problems when educating children. How to get information to children? How do you get them to pay attention?

These concerns have been made present since today’s children have learning processes different from the traditional ones that are aimed at another type of generation. The current generation is exposed to constant visual stimuli, they are impatient, they find it difficult to be impressed because in general they have a lot of access to information and they must receive valuable stimuli to focus their attention on a certain action.
In this sense, parents must arm themselves with the best tools to promote the cognitive development of their children, in the face of these new paradigms.
For everything described above, the solution is ECDHUB. This is a platform that offers content on early childhood pre school.
ECDHUB offers audiovisual material with high educational content in more than 20 knowledge subjects such as mathematics, science, life skills, healthy habits, counting numbers, technology and activities on Earth Day, space exploration, among many others.
This content is updated and uploaded daily by more than 100 expert teachers in the field of early education cognitive development. More than 70 illustrators create animated, innovative, enriching and quality content, for children in the age ranges of 1-2 years, 3-4 years, and 5-8 years.
With the use of ECDHUB, you will have valuable and careful content, made with the highest quality standards to boost children’s cognitive development by 272%, all this for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. If you are still not convinced, visit the ECDHUB site and let the testimonials of satisfied parents remove any doubts you may have in this regard.