Crypto Buying And Selling With Trastra

Trastra, offered by Baxity, is a crypto currency e-wallet, which works exclusively with EEA country residence. The residence of thirty-one countries including the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Finland, Denmark etc. gives an opportunity for making an account with Trastra that will very conveniently let you trade in crypto currencies without linking or making use of a bank account.

Trastra Membership and Payment
A Trastra membership is entirely free of cost, which makes not just order and delivery, but purchases in EUR and car load charges fade away as well. The ordering of a card is inclusive and is delivered at no cost too. All of this makes the entire exercise of withdrawing crypto without the help of a bank account pretty straightforward. With just a few clicks here and there, all these tasks are effectuated without any hassle.
However, some of the other costs that are to be taken care of by the users include the monthly card management for €1.25, ATM withdrawal for €2.25, internal card to card transfer for €0.20 and Foreign exchange costs at about 3%.

Although there is no monthly restrictions or limits, the day-to-day trading is regulated with the daily spend limit set at €7.700, daily ATM withdraw limit at €300 and the maximum card balance at €8.000.

Why Choose Trastra- Benefits

Trastra lets you manage your crypto on your own. Buying selling, payment as well as withdrawal. While the payments can have made to casinos, Poker rooms, sports betting and Forex, the buying and selling includes the use of six wallets in one place, namely: Euro, Bitcoin, Ethereal, Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin and XRP.
You never have to worry about the security of your account due to the Anti-skimming protection technology, 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) one-time passcode and countless other anti-fraud services offered by Trastra.