Ways to remove scratches from glass

When you have a scratched windshield, it can make it hard to see through during driving. Visibility is decreased when sunlight bounces off the scratches, and it is possible for water to collect in the grooves and make it hard for the windshield wipers to remove the water completely. You have an option of going to professional glass scratch removal dubai, or if the scratches are minor, to remove them at home with the right tools.

The following is what you will require removing the scratches:
• Microfiber cloth
• Cerium oxide rubbing compound
• Glass repair kit
Step 1: using fingernail to check the depth of the scratch
Run your fingernail on the scratched area of the windshield. If it is a minor scratch, it will feel smooth, and your nail will not be caught in the groove. But if you notice that your nails are catching, that is a sign that the scratch is deep.
If it is a deep scratch, then it needs to be addressed as soon as possible, as they are likely to worsen with time, which will then cause your windshield to shatter completely.
Step 2: Purchase a glass repair kit
Go to a local auto repair shop or make an online purchase of a windshield repair kit. Get one that has enough of the Cerium oxide rubbing compound to fix at least 4 chips and a bull’s eye of about 1.25 inches in diameter. Get a kit that comes with a razor blade inside. When you start working, let it be in an area that is shaded until the repair is done (50°F to 75°F).
Step 3: Clean your windshield and apply rubbing compound
Use soap and water to wash your windshield thoroughly to remove any dirt or dust. Use your microfiber cloth to ensure that the windshield is dry before you apply the cerium oxide rubbing compound.

Posted on June 27, 2020