The Express Entry process for Canadian permanent residency visa from Dubai

If you decide to migrate to Canada from Dubai, first be clear whether you need to live there permanently or just work there. If you select to work there and got an offer from a Canadian company, you can get a work visa and move. If you are applying to get a permanent resident visa (PR), you can do it in two ways. There are,

• Express Entry program
• Provincial Nominee program
If you move to Canada through the Express Entry program, you can live and work in any province of Canada. Through the provincial nominee program, you can only work and live in the selected province. You should be nominated by that province before your application. canada immigration consultants in dubai can be helpful in the entire process from selecting a suitable program for your need and the process of application. An express entry system is used for applying in the Federal skilled worker program; federal skilled trade program; and the Canadian Experience Class program.
Express Entry Process
Express Entry is the process of screening the eligible applicants and calculating their Express Entry Score using factors such as age, work experience, education, and financial status. The express entry process of the visa application is listed below.
• You should take a language test
• You should take an Educational Credential Assessment to prove your educational qualification is equivalent to a degree from a Canadian university.
• You should prove your work experience
• Go for eligibility checker tool
• If approved by the tool, you should create your Express Entry Profile
• You should submit the profile and wait for the approval using the score you have got
• You will receive an invitation to apply for PR
• You should submit the application within 60 days of receipt along with visa fees

Posted on June 26, 2020